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22 March 2017
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12 June 2017

An HKN Chapter is supposed to organise different activities. For example, skills and talents of its members can be shared with the others, in the context of in-house training. That can be done with the organisation of workshops where a member transfers his or her knowledge to the audience. Such workshops are usually reserved for the Chapter members alone, but in some cases they are open to the public.

This was the case of the workshop organized yesterday by Luca Mezzatesta (Web Correspondent of the Chapter), titled “Video-making, gli strumenti del mestiere”. Luca gained lots of experience in the field during the past years: go and check his YouTube channel for proof! During the workshop, Luca talked about different aspects of video-making. One could think that in order to make a good video or photo it is only necessary to have the right equipment, but some basic knowledge is required as well: managing light exposure and selecting the subject to focus are just two of many aspects to consider.

Still, having the right equipment is important as well. For example, if you want to make a 4k video, you have to use a camera with 4k resolution. For this reason, Luca spent almost half of the workshop explaining the main parameters to tune and introducing different types of cameras and microphones you can pick depending on the final product you want to obtain.
Thanks to Luca, HKN members learnt something new, and now it will be easier for them to make the Mu Nu chapter more known among other students in Politecnico using visual languages!

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