26 November 2017

Hello Bot! The Hackathon

Twenty-four hours to create the best chatbot, eleven teams, five members for each team, a lot of great ideas. We can resume our last event with […]
11 November 2017

Hello Bot! The Hackathon

Do you like coding and you always have some new idea in mind? Do you want to develop a project but you have never found enough […]
22 October 2017

A little Telegram’s bots cookbook

INTRODUZIONE   Il nostro prossimo evento, “Hello Bot! The Hackathon”, si terrá l’11 e 12 novembre 2017. Come suggerito dal titolo si tratterá di un hackathon, […]
20 May 2017

Hello Bot!

Hello Bot! is a free event organized by Eta Kappa Nu PoliTo which aims at teaching the basics of chatbots to all the participants. What are chatbots? What are they used for? How are they built? ?