Study groups

What is it?

We organize study sessions for Computer/Electronics Engineering students for subjects in which major preparation is required. This is not a service offered by the Politecnico of Torino, but by our association. These meetings will be organized and held by students like you who have already taken these exams and will be able to advise you wisely.

  • Circuiti elettronici

    Martedì 12/06

    Aula C

    Q&A on feedback.
    By Stefano Panaro, Federica Fanigliulo, Davide Bisso.
  • Programmazione a Oggetti

    Lunedì 11/06

    Aula C

    Temi d'esame e stream.
    By Innocenzo Lagonigro, Debora Caldarola, Lorenzo Moro